Risée Chaderton

We are a full-service photography company specialising in weddings, portrait, and fashion photography.
contact: eyeonevisuals@gmail.com for bookings

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Teaching is a joy, fashion photography is a chance to break all the rules, and weddings can be so much fun. If you'd like to contact me for bookings or just to ask me a photography related question drop me a line at risee.chaderton@gmail.com or click one of the social media buttons and send me a message. Don't forget to click the link to get your weekly photograpy tip from me!

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eye.one.visuals is also a featured photographer for  acclaimed wedding magazine BrideLife

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Makeup Artist: Sherryanne Moore for MakeupBySAM .
Hair Stylist: Donna Smith . Wedding Cakes: Coconut Baby . Stylist: Candi Nicholls . Wedding Coordinator: Weddings By Malissa

Client comments:

"Truly THE MOST STUNNING wedding pics I have EVER seen. So creative, and stylized...so authentic to you and Marc. The photographer is an artistic genius in addition to being able to take photos."- K

"Risée is so much more than a photographer...she is a true artist, and on the day of our wedding she was like a militant mini-Steven Spielberg....she knew just what to do to get the shots she wanted. Her sense of space, focus and composition, not to mention post-photography work, are absolutely top-notch!!" - Stacey and Eliab

 "We cannot begin to thank you for capturing our special day. Our images are perfect!"- Juan and Sisi

"When I collected the book I cried, the lady in the FedEx office cried too! Thank you!" -H

(On the morning her wedding album arrived via FedEx ) "Good morning. Love Ya bad!!" - Renée and Alex